At the end of a rainbow … is the city of Baguio!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Roy G. Biv.

Like a pot of gold, the summer capital of the Philippines offers much treasure and delight!

RED. The best local strawberries are grown here throughout the year.

Fresh from the Strawberry Fields, La Trinidad

ORANGE. Baguio City is the major source of flowers in the country. (Hullo, the Flower Festival or Panagbenga is even celebrated here for one whole month!) Most available of them blossoms is the everlasting, the leis being a favorite offering to patron saints. (Yes, they are also popular for irritating … er, adorning students’ poor necks at graduation ceremonies!)

Everlasting, also called paper daisy or straw flower

YELLOW. Experience the farm life at Sitio La Presa, a small village that has become a tourist attraction — thanks (or no thanks) to the hit teleserye  “Forevermore”.

Potato harvest at Sitio Pungayan, aka La Presa

GREEN. And cheap! A kilo (2 big heads) of broccoli sells for only fifty pesos ($1.13), plus you can pick the produce yourself!

Get ’em straight from the farm!

BLUE. Hike and camp out to enjoy even more the beautiful scenery in the mountains.

Pitching Camp after trekking the Ambangueg trail

INDIGO. Wake up at freezing dawn to the second highest peak in the country. The sea of clouds await!

Mt. Pulag National Park

VIOLET. A trip to Baguio will never be complete without a visit to the nightly ukay-ukay (flea market). It starts at 9PMish and goes thru midnight.

Night Market at Harrison Road
To top it all, the best treasure to find here, while being detached from the megacity hustle, is the precious space for much-needed solace.

“Where does the rainbow end? In your soul or on the horizon?” ~Pablo Neruda

(Photos taken February 2015 using my trusted phone.)



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  1. After I re-posted, I took a second read.. refreshing article.. like the memories of strawberries and chilly Ambangueg.Whew

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